Terms of Service

Last Updated: September 12, 2017

The following represents the Terms of Service (also called the "Terms"), a contract between you and DomaHub (DomaHub Inc.). The Terms govern your use of DomaHub's website, services, content, and everything else in between (our "Services").

You must agree to the Terms if you wish to use DomaHub and its Services. If you disagree to any part of the following Terms, you cannot use DomaHub.

DomaHub is an online platform and its primary function allows domain owners to create landing pages for their domains. DomaHub is also a domain name marketplace facilitating the buying and selling of these domains. You understand and agree that DomaHub is not a party to any agreements entered into between owners and renters, nor is DomaHub a domain name broker, agent or insurer. DomaHub has no control over the conduct of the users, owners, and renters on our application and Services and therefore disclaims all liability in this regard to the maximum extent permitted by law.

If you create a listing on DomaHub, you understand and agree that your relationship with us is limited to being a user and not an employee, contractor, agent, joint venturer, or partner of DomaHub for any reason, and that you act exclusively on your own behalf and for your own benefit - not on the behalf or benefit of DomaHub. You understand and agree to not do anything to create a false impression that you are endorsed by, partnering with, or acting on behalf of or for the benefit of DomaHub, including by inappropriately using any DomaHub intellectual property.

By using our Services, you acknowledge and agree that you have read and understand the Terms and how they govern your usage of DomaHub's application.

DomaHub can change the Terms at any given time. We will notify all DomaHub users before the Terms are changed and also provide a record of all previous versions of the Terms. If you continue to use DomaHub and its Services after the new Terms have taken effect, you are agreeing to the new Terms.


Read our Privacy Policy to understand how we handle the data and information you provide to us when you use DomaHub and its Services. By agreeing to our Terms you also consent to the collection and use of this information - as described in the Privacy Policy - by DomaHub.


You must be at least 18 years or older to use DomaHub and its Services. By accessing or using our site, you represent and warrant that you are at least 18 years old.

How DomaHub Works

DomaHub and its Services can be used to facilitate the listing, selling, and renting of domains. Anyone can view a domain listing on DomaHub. A user may checkout a domain as a guest, but will be unable to access specific DomaHub controls and features without first registering a DomaHub account.

That being said, DomaHub is strictly a platform or marketplace for the listing and selling or renting of domains. DomaHub is not an owner or operator of the domains listed on DomaHub nor does it own, sell, or resell domains through its services. Unless otherwise specified, DomaHub's responsibilities are limited to facilitating the availability of the platform and its Services.

Again, DomaHub does not control the content contained in any listing. DomaHub is not responsible for and disclaims any and all liability related to any and all listings. Accordingly, any rentals will be made or accepted at the user's own risk.

Selling a Domain

A domain sale occurs between domain buyers ("Buyers") and domain sellers ("Sellers"). Buyers browse landing pages for domains listed on DomaHub and can make an offer to purchase the domain by using the embedded form. The Seller then has the option to accept or decline the offer.

If the Seller chooses to accept the Buyer's offer, the Seller agrees to transfer the domain to the buyer within X days. The Buyer pays the cost of the domain - agreed upon in the original offer - immediately after the Seller accepts. DomaHub will use the payment method applied at the time the offer was submitted to process the transaction.

DomaHub will hold the money in escrow until the Buyer has confirmed proper transferal of the domain. Once the transfer has been confirmed, the Seller will then be able to transfer the money from DomaHub into their bank account.

It is important to note that at no point does DomaHub act as either a Buyer or a Seller in a domain sale. DomaHub does not represent either the Buyer or the Seller nor is DomaHub a domain broker. DomaHub is an intermediary between the two parties that securely facilitates the monetary transaction and ensures that no domain transferal occurs without proper compensation and vice versa.

DomaHub Accounts

Creating an account on DomaHub is free. DomaHub offers a Premium subscription at a rate of $5 per month per account. Premium Accounts have access to additional tools and features.

Users that do not subscribe to our Premium package are considered to be Basic Accounts. Basic Accounts have access to the core functionalities and features of DomaHub. Domains that are sold on a Basic Account are charged an additional commission fee on top of the normal processing fee. You cannot upgrade your account to Premium immediately after the sale to avoid paying the additional commission fee. We will calculate all fees based on the status of your Account during the time the domain was sold.

Domain Rights and Renting

You own your domain - regardless of its listing status on DomaHub - until the day you decide to sell or transfer ownership to a DomaHub customer or some other entity. At no point does DomaHub assume or consider any level of ownership of your domain. Likewise, any renter of your domain does not ever gain ownership, even temporarily, of your domain name.

By listing your domain with us, you acknowledge all of the associated risks (be they unforeseen or otherwise). If you ever have a problem with the way a renter is using your domain name, it is your responsibility to contact us or the appropriate authority.

You may list a domain on DomaHub that you have listed elsewhere as long as there are no conflicts regarding rental scheduling (i.e. a domain being rented to two people for the same exact time period), ownership, rights, or any other issue. However, the domain must be pointed to DomaHub's nameservers in order to be properly listed on DomaHub's platform.

You may not sell your domain while it is being rented or while there are future time slots already rented out. Doing so is an explicit breach of your rental contract and you will be held financially and legally liable of all damages caused to DomaHub and its renters. Likewise, should you at any point change the nameservers of your domain name with your registrar while it is currently being rented, you are violating the rental contract and provoke the same aforementioned repercussions. We reserve the right to blacklist that any fraudulent domains and DomaHub accounts permanently from our site.

You can remove your listing or even delete your account from DomaHub if and only if you have no current or future renters across your listings. Removing a listing in advance will cancel out the remainder of the listing's availability while leaving the current renters unaffected. DomaHub will keep your domain listed but labeled as unavailable. You may reactivate your domain at anytime.

We may remove your listing at any time for any reason (most likely you violating something or doing something wrong). On such an occasion, all current renters will be notified and refunded.

Misuse of Domain Rentals

You may not inappropriately use a domain rental. For example, you may not upload, link, or otherwise display any material that infringes a copyright. You may not create a listing for a domain name that does not belong to you. In the event that you somehow manage to do this, your account will be terminated immediately and legal action will be taken against you.

We want you to be able to use a domain name for your own purposes and agenda. However, if for one reason or another, you have misused a domain (i.e. someone contacts you or us about a problem), we will assess the situation and may force you to either change the content on the domain or relinquish your rental entirely.

DomaHub does not assume liability for the aforementioned cases of domain misuse. We will however, do our best to resolve any problem (i.e. legal issue or not) caused by our users and renters if given a sufficient reason to do so.

Payment and Fees

DomaHub does not charge any upfront fees (e.g. listing fees) for creating a domain landing page. The user may opt into our Premium package at the cost of $5 per month and gain access to additional features. We maintain the right to change the cost of the Premium package at any time with due notice.

Domains on the Basic package are subject to a commission fee of 10%. On the completion of a sale, DomaHub will retain 10% of the total purchase price before transferring the rest of the money to the Seller.

Additionally, all Buyers on DomaHub must pay a processing fee for each successful domain purchase. This processing fee is paid directly to our payment partner, Stripe. By purchasing from or selling on DomaHub, the user agrees to any and all applicable terms and conditions set forth by Stripe including the Stripe Terms & Conditions.

Our content, brand, and services

DomaHub reserves all rights on its logo, trademarks, branding, website, and any other aspect that makes up a part of DomaHub's identity. Parts of DomaHub are licensed under a third-party open source license. The remainder is original work and code created by DomaHub employees. You may not use or adapt any part of our code or design without expressed written consent from DomaHub.