Privacy Policy

Last Updated: September 12, 2017

The following Privacy Policy establishes and describes how we handle and use the information we collect when you visit and use our website, services, products, and content (AKA our "Services").

What we may collect

We collect information on the DomaHub pages and content that you access, as well as information you provide us (e.g. your email address). We do not collect or store your payment information. All transactions and their relevant data is managed by Stripe, our third-party payments processor.

Communication from DomaHub

Sometimes we may email you important information regarding your account or your listings, terms or service changes, new policies, etc. These emails are incredibly important to your usage of our Services and you may not opt out of receiving them (though we can't force you to read them - you should).

We will never email you asking you for personal or account information. If you receive an email like this, it is not from us and you should not disclose any such information to such an email.

We may also send you promotional emails regarding our company and our Services. You may opt of these at any time.

Disclosure of your information

We don't share your information outside DomaHub and we hope we never have to.

We won't sell your information either.

In the case that we must release your information (i.e. a subpoena or other legal action), we will contact you in advance unless we are otherwise forbidden to do so by law or order. We will reject all requests for information from DomaHub that we believe are inappropriate or improper.


We use cookies to remember you when you return to use our Services. This is relevant for when you log in, set preferences, change account settings, and other personalized features.


We use encryption (HTTPS) to protect data transferred to and from our site. We recommend taking all precautions on your end to ensure the highest safety possible (i.e. set strong passwords, don't tell others your account information, etc.).