Frequently Asked Questions

About Us

What exactly does DomaHub do?

DomaHub is a platform to easily set up landing pages for your domains, allowing you to fully automate your sales process and sell domains quicker.

DomaHub is also a domain management tool that helps you organize your domain portfolio and keep track of key metrics like revenue, profit, domain renewal, domain traffic, etc.

Why should I use DomaHub?

DomaHub is the quickest solution to automatically set up landing pages for your entire domain portfolio, boosting your domains' online presence and increasing the likelihood of a sale.

Utilize the DomaHub platform to make informed decisions without having to install or learn other clunky software. Make DomaHub your home page for all your portfolio-related business and tasks.


What do I get with the Basic package?

Users on our free Basic package will have access to our standard themed landing page. They will be able to use the secure offer/purchase form, however all sales will be charged 10% commission. Landing pages will also have a DomaHub branded footer to show affiliation with our brand.

What do I get with the Premium package?

Users on our Premium subscription package will have access to our full line of features including HTTPS connection, no commission fees, complete design and text customization, unlimited domains, etc. Please refer to our Pricing Table for more information.

How much does the Premium package cost?

The Premium package costs 5 USD per month.

Are there any processing fees?

The seller must pay a 2.9% + $0.30 processing fee regardless of whether the account is on the Basic or Premium package. This fee is paid directly to our payments processor.

Can I cancel my Premium subscription?

Yes, you may cancel your Premium subscription at any time through your Account Settings. Your subscription will end on the last day of the current payment cycle and will not be renewed.

What happens to my landing pages if I cancel Premium?

They will automatically revert to the basic theme, styling, and texts.

Landing Pages

How do I upload my domains?

First create an account and then navigate to our create listings page. Upload as many domains as you want and they will be added to your account.

How do I verify my domains?

Verify your domains from your account dashboard. You must create the listed A Record for each domain name in order for us to verify them. You may have to delete existing A Records as well.

How do I start creating landing pages?

In your account dashboard, you can access design and styling options for each individual domain name. If you choose not to edit these options, the domain will display our default theme.

Why can't I change my themes or designs?

You must be a Premium account member to have access to theme and design customization. You can upgrade your account to Premium at any time through your Account Settings.

Can I hide my landing page temporarily?

Yes, you can set a domain to inactive by going to your account dashboard and accessing the respective domain's settings. An inactive domain will not be visible to visitors.

Can I delete a landing page?

You may delete a domain name landing page at any time.

Selling Domains

Does DomaHub facilitate transactions and sales?

Yes, we provide a secure and speedy system to handle transactions.

What selling options are available?

We have full transactional support for selling domains through our website. We also support domain leasing options and short-term rental options.

Why should I enable Buy-It-Now?

Simply put, nobody likes going back and forth on offers and counter-offers. By enabling Buy-It-Now, users can decide then and there to buy the domain!

I received an offer that I like, what do I do now?

Congratulations! You should have received an email with the option to either accept or reject the offer. Simply click Accept and you and the buyer will both be notified with the next steps for transferring the domain.

How do I transfer the domain to the buyer?

For general instructions, please read our guide.

For registrar-specific instructions, please refer to our guide. If your registrar is not listed here, please visit their website for more instructions.

Renting Domains

What does it mean to rent a domain on DomaHub?

Renting a domain means paying for the ability to temporarily use a subpage on a specific domain or the root domain itself. For example, a user can rent the URL imsorryimdumb.com/lisa for a fraction of the price the domain is being sold for. This allows users to benefit from a great domain name at an economically feasible price point.

The ability to use a domain before purchasing it can have an impact on the likelihood of a sale. We believe in the age old saying, "try it before you buy it."

Are sub-domains rentable on DomaHub?

Sub-domains such as blog.awesomedomain.com or great.partnerships.com cannot be rented through DomaHub at this time.

What kind of domains are considered "rentable?"

Not all domains fit into the renting business model.

Look at a domain name and ask yourself this--"can this domain name be used by multiple people in a given year?" If the answer is yes, then it is a potential candidate for renting.

Example domains that MAY NOT be a good fit for rentals:

    Brandable domain names that can be a company name (hotu.com, vovu.com, doto.com, etc.)

    Domains without clear definition / meaning (ethmini.com, sousforce.com, emugg.com, etc.)

Example domains that CAN BE a good fit for rentals:

    Holiday / event related (happybirthday.com, congratulations.com, marryme.com, etc.)

    Slogans / hashtags / marketable phrases (greatestboxer.com, itsfinallyhere.com, thenextbigthing.com, etc.)

    Common phrases / words (youredumb.com, imsorry.com, iloveyou.com, etc.)

Who owns the domain during the rental?

The domain never leaves the ownership of its original owner. The renter simply borrows use of the domain.

How does the rental work?

Through DNS and proxying, we can point the domain to whatever content the user wishes to display. The user may choose to display content on the domain or to forward the domain to an existing URL.

What if I don't like what the user is doing with my domain?

All rentals can be subject to approval before going live to the public.

All domain rentals can be refunded by the domain owner. If you discover a specific rental that you believe is malicious, spam, or illegal in any way, you reserve the right to cancel the rental and refund the renter their money.

In addition, all domain rentals are screened using the official Google Safe Browsing API. This way, we ensure that all content being displayed on your website has been deemed safe to browse by Google.

How do I set up rentals on my listing?

Simply go into your My Listings page and enable the option for rentals on any listing.

What happens to my domain during the rental term?

Any rented domains cannot be purchased during the rental term. Potential buyers can still send you offers to purchase the domain during the rental term, but the domain cannot be sold until the existing rental term has expired.


What types of payments are supported?

We accept all major credit and debit cards in more than 130 currencies directly through our application. We also support payments through PayPal.

How do I get paid?

Simply go to your settings page and add your bank account information. We will directly deposit all payments into your bank account.

What happens if my bank account is not linked?

We will hold all payments in escrow until your bank account is linked. If you fail to link your bank account within X days after a payment has been made, we will be forced to refund the transaction.

What are pending funds?

Pending funds represent payments that have yet to be processed and thus are not available for withdrawal. The money will be available within a few days barring any drawbacks.

What are unavailable funds?

Unavailable funds represent payments that are not yet available for withdrawal because the buyer of your domain(s) has yet to confirm that you have completed the domain transfer.

Still have questions? Feel free to contact us.